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The signing of the Israeli-Egyptian treaty on March 26, 1979, marked an emotional moment in the history of that turbulent region. After years of bitter animosity punctuated by military conflict, an Arab nation and a Jewish nation embraced each other with promises of peace.

What did it signify for the little pocket of democracy whose struggles for survival have drawn in the United States for approval and support?

According to the Bible, Israel will not find true deliverance from her enemies until it is secured for her by the enigmatic “kings of the east.” The book of Revelation describes an alliance with these powerful defenders, who finally destroy the oppressors of Israel and establish her security forever.

Moreover, they intervene to deliver Israel during the war of Armageddon, described in the Bible as the final conflict to take place on this planet. What happens before and after this battle, and who are the major players according to Revelation?

Israel’s last war has not yet been fought. Find out so much more about this unique prophecy when you come to learn more about the soon coming battle of Armageddon.

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Martin Kim
September 21, 2021 @ 07:00
Livingston, Tennessee
Martin Kim
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