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Lowell HargreavesLowell Hargreaves

Lowell Hargeaves grew up in a Christian home on a small farm where his mother, born to missionary parents, would often thrill his heart with amazing mission stories. Yet during his late teens, Lowell drifted from his faith until, in college, he finally found God again.

Lowell then faithfully worked several years at various ministries and developed a desire to share the Bible truth with others.

Lowell first began conducting Bible seminars in the former Soviet country of Ukraine. There he drew in capacity crowds, sometimes requiring triple sessions to accommodate the interest. He has also presented the Bible in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and India, leading thousands to a better understanding of prophecy.

Lowell’s natural gift in speaking, coupled with his love for teaching the Word of God, has blessed truth seekers everywhere he goes. In his travels, he is joined by his wife Sandra and their two children, Michael and Teresa.


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