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Dave StewardDave Steward

After growing up in a Christian home in Colorado, David Steward worked for 15 years as a prosecuting attorney in California. As a young adult he was a lukewarm Christian whose life became increasingly more worldly and unsatisfying. A successful legal career, dating relationships and exotic vacations merely mocked his deep desire for happiness. Then, at a dance rave party in 2001, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and has experienced the joy of the Lord ever since. After David spent a year teaching Bible classes to High School students in Micronesia, the Lord called him out of a career devoted to sending criminals to life in prison with no hope, to sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

David has extensive public speaking experience, including presenting over 50 prophecy seminars, conducting over 100 jury trials, teaching high school Bible classes, and teaching business law in an MBA program. Since 2008, after he graduated from the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism program (AFCOE), he has been working full time as an associate speaker with Amazing Facts. David is known for his convicting and sincere preaching style.

David loves to travel, having visited over 50 countries, and enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, road biking and backpacking. David is happy to serve along side his wife Nina, who sings for the meetings, and sons Ethan and Daniel.


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