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Wyatt AllenWyatt Allen

Wyatt grew up in a troubled home and, in his early teens, sought fulfillment in drugs and parties. He turned to Satanism, rebelled against all authority, and chose a life of crime. While facing two life sentences in prison, Wyatt surrendered his life to Jesus and began studying the Bible. During his many years away he determined to turn his penitentiary into a seminary.

When he gave his whole heart to Jesus, Wyatt found true peace and freedom. Ever since he has since found his greatest joy in teaching others how to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and how to study God’s Word. Now, as an author and speaker, Wyatt travels around the world telling of the love of God and making Bible prophecy simple. He is committed to serving God wherever He leads.

Wyatt, with his wife, Jenni, and two children, considers it the ultimate privilege to work for the Lord and to help people find a life with purpose in God.

Says Wyatt, “I was the least of the least, and now I find my greatest joy in pointing others to the Greatest of the great: Jesus Christ!”


01/04/2019 starting @ 06:30 - Inverness Florida

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