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Carlos MuñozCarlos Muñoz

Carlos was raised between New York City and Puerto Rico. After high school he went to the University of Puerto Rico and began to live seeking the pleasures of this world. That life left him empty and without purpose until he surrendered all to Jesus.

He then returned to New York City and obtained a master's degree in education. During his tenure as a bilingual teacher his love and admiration for Christ and His word continued to grow until finally he decided to dedicate his life to full time preaching of the Gospel.

Carlos is dedicated and passionate about sharing Bible truths in a clear and simple way. He feels that his greatest contribution in life has been helping others come to a saving relationship with Jesus.

“I feel honored to preach the gospel to others and it is my greatest desire to help people have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ through a clear understanding of His word”

Carlos is available to present our prophecy seminars in Spanish or English.


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