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Martin KimMartin Kim

Martin Kim grew up going to church, attended church schools, and went through the motions of Christianity. It wasn’t until he faced a personal tragedy in his early 20’s that he began his own personal search for truth. In total despair and with absolutely no hope in sight, he began desperately seeking for answers to make sense out of what he felt was a "meaningless and chaotic world."

Martin’s search led him to discover that there is an incredible God who cares about the intimate details of our lives, who walks with us, knows what the future holds, and who shows us how to face the future with courage and confidence. Over the years since, Martin has worked as a pastor, revivalist, and has been involved in foreign mission work including leprosy ministry in Asia.

An integral part of his ministry is his wife Liana. She holds two master’s degrees and is a published author. Together, as a husband and wife team, they are passionate about growing their daily walk with Jesus, and sharing this same passion with others. Martin and Liana enjoy traveling and have had the privilege of sharing God’s Words in many countries abroad.


09/10/2021 starting @ 07:00 - Livingston Tennessee

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