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New World Order
Throughout time, humanity has longed for a better world—a unified people living in peace and harmony with one another.

In fact, the first known monarch—the mighty Nimrod—founded the huge kingdom of Babel, later known as Babylon, with glorious visions for a new and powerful centralized government. He even built a lofty tower in defiance of God in an effort to consolidate the world’s people under his rule.

But things went wrong for him, and they have been going wrong for every would-be world power, including the Medes and Persians, the Greeks, and the Roman Empire. Each one of these nations rose mightily in power yet eventually crumbled in strife and turmoil.

Yet we don’t have to go into deep history to know that various leaders have sought to take over the world and unite the nations under one flag.

The list of men searching for the elusive all-controlling, one-world government goes on: Charlemagne, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, and, of course, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. All of these famous and infamous leaders watched as their grand schemes failed before their eyes. And even the League of Nations, United Nations, and European Union have all done their part in attempting to establish their own version of the “new world order.”

But even these peacetime organizations have failed miserably at bringing people together.

So what is the secret behind this futility, and does God say anything about a coming New World Order? Indeed, the Bible predicts a cooperation of nations like never before in the near future … and you’ll learn all about it in this thrilling presentation.

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