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7 Last Plagues
They are some of the most frightening prophecies in the Bible, found in Revelation 16. Sent by God from heaven, angels pour out vials of His wraith upon the face of the earth …

  • Grievous sores
  • Fresh water sources turning to blood
  • Oceans turning to blood
  • The sun scorching men with great heat
  • A great darkness
  • The Euphrates River drying up and unclean spirits
  • And destructive earthquakes.

Imagine the crisis these plagues will cause on the nations of the world when God releases His judgment! Humanity will be so shaken that the people of the earth will openly curse God.

The Bible doesn’t give us a specific date for these plagues, but it does say that just before the second coming of Jesus, these horrible omens will befall on the earth.

But why? And what does it mean for God’s people? Will Christians be here when they come? Are they even for real or are they just symbols of God’s anger?

Remember the plagues that fell on Egypt? They are very similar to what will happen in the last days. They came just before the Jews were freed from slavery by God’s prophet—Moses.

Indeed, the key to understanding many of the prophecies found in Revelation is to understand the language and symbolism of the Old Testament. That will be just one of the keys you’ll learn about when you come to tonight’s riveting presentation.

Be prepared to hear a great warning, but also discover a great message of hope!

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