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Mark of the Beast
A barcode tattoo … a computer chip under the skin … or perhaps something even more sinister. Revelation 13:17, 18 points out that Satan has an emblem, or mark, that will identify those who follow after him.

And with eternal death facing those who receive this mark, it’s important that you get the facts—already found in the Bible—that decode this mysterious symbol.

  • The Bible predicts in Revelation 13:16 that this mark will be received in the forehead or in the hand.
  • It also says that unless you have this mark, you won’t be able to buy or sell in the coming world crisis.

What does it all mean?

It sounds pretty scary too, but did you know that the book of Revelation also says that God also has an emblem, or mark, which will identify His people in the last days? And if you have this mark, He will protect you … so you have a lot of reasons to have hope.

But be prepared when you come to this presentation!

Why? Because in studying the mark of the beast, we’ll tackle some very sensitive issues—we’ll even name names. It’s not a popular thing to do today, but you must learn about it because God loves you and wants you to know the truth.

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